Pause, Rest, Be...

Are you finding yourself:

  • wanting to press PAUSE on your life, the world?
  • craving uninterrupted time to REST?
  • longing for space to simply BE?

PAUSE, REST, BE will offer you exactly this!

Taking time each day to simply BE is not how we have been programmed from a very early age. School was all about structure, doing, rushing, deadlines, competitiveness , bells ringing, lining up after break conforming, fitting in, comparing and the list goes on. Adult life for many of us can feel much the same. So many people are searching for greater freedom and a different pace.

This course aims to give you space to go within and to have the awareness to notice what is calling for your attention and to become aware of your own insights into what you need. We are not talking next week, month, or year – we are talking right here right now, in the moment.

Throughout the course you will learn how to:

  • become the observer of what is present
  • gently listen to your body
  • discover your needs
  • meet whatever is there with curiosity, kindness and compassion
  • learn ways to create space for you
  • make you a priority
  • give yourself permission to PAUSE, REST, BE

Through mediation, visualisations and simple journaling you will get curious, reflect and consider where your life may be out of balance.

Discovering what needs to be let go of and what new rhythm and pace is needed.

We will also consider any potential obstacles and resistance that could get in the way of this. There generally are!

The self enquiry practices you will learn can be taken back home, and integrated into your daily life creating regular space to PAUSE, REST, BE.

By the end of our time together you will remember how good it feels and hugely beneficial and nourishing it is to create space to simply BE.

How much does it cost and how long is it?

The course runs over four mornings from 10.30am to 1pm ish and costs £120.