Flight, Transfer and Getting Here Info

Please check with us first to make sure we have room for you - and then book flights!

Nearest Airport is Preveza/Aktio

Flights are currently available from London Gatwick, Heathrow, Stansted, Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham in May and additionally Edinburgh from June. Prices range from £150 to £550

The best places to check for flights are here but please note, it's always best to book with the company direct rather than through a third party, if possible.

More Flight Information

  • The flight time is about 3 hours and 15 minutes
  • When booking flights please remember that check in time is 2pm at the earliest, and check out is 10am, regardless of your flight departure time
  • Transfer time is approximately 30- 40 minutes
  • September flights are always really popular, so we would recommend not hanging about with booking them
  • If you can hold your nerve to two weeks before travelling the prices can go down significantly (but not always) - but NOT with Easyjet.
  • If you are arriving on Saturday (or any day other than Sunday) you will need to pay for any extra nights accommodation at a local venue and an additional transfer charge. Please contact us for more info.


  • Free transfers by taxi are available from the airport or the bus station to meet Sunday flights. The latest bus arrival we can meet is the 4.30pm from Athens.
  • There may be a wait between being met and being transferred. Normally you'll leave directly, but in order to keep costs down we group some guests together.
  • The maximum waiting time is normally no more than an hour. Waiting over an hour happens infrequently but it DOES happen. It depends on the vagaries of flight arrivals - some flights arrive early and some late.
  • 90% of arriving guests leave immediately - no waiting. We just can't guarantee it!
  • Flights arriving or departing on any day other than Sunday will be subject to a £60 charge each way.
  • We will get you back to the airport with plenty of time to check in. Normally somewhere between 2 and 3 hours before your flight is due to depart.
  • Regardless of the time of your departure flight, rooms must be vacated at 10am on Sunday. There will be somewhere to leave your cases, but we can't promise a shower.... There is the option of renting a room for the daytime for about 40 euros.

Cheaper/Alternative Route

If flights don't go directly to Preveza from your country, or the prices are prohibitive, it can be worth checking out the Athens option.

There is an (air-conditioned) coach to Lefkada. Here is the timetable. We can meet buses departing Athens before 3pm, the ticket costs about 60 euros return and it takes about 5 hours. It takes about an hour to get to the bus station from Athens airport (there is a bus that goes every 20 mins and it costs about 5 euros, by taxi it's 30 euros or more). Here is the timetable for the cross-Athens bus. Email us using the 'Get In Touch' box at the top of the page, if you want more info.