Serenity Retreat, Greece

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A Great Island Experience

Nikiana is our beach-side solos' holidays base on Lefkada island, in Greece. All rooms have a direct sea-view and are right on the beach. We chose it as it's ideally located to either hop on a bus into town, or to forget that the world at large exists. It's a happy by-product of our history (we've been here since 2010) that we now know a lot of the locals and before our welcome meal we have a little wander round and you'll get introduced to some of the characters. After all, if you want know something about Greece it's nice to be able to ask a Greek.

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Serenity Retreat Greece is designed for you if you are:

  • Holidaying alone, or with a friend but in separate accommodations. All our rooms and apartments are for sole occupancy only
  • Looking for 'right on the beach' accommodation with sea views (at no extra cost). We do mean RIGHT on the beach. Sleeping with the sound of the sea, nothing between your accommodation and the beach....
  • Wanting the option of taking part in a course that doesn't cost the earth or eat too much into your relaxing time
  • Wanting to reach your holiday destination with the minimum of fuss (more relaxing, less travelling)
  • Looking for a self-reflective and meditative Time Out
  • Looking to meet like-minded people
  • Wanting the option of some pampering: massages and facials - all on-site at reasonable prices (50 euros an hour)
  • A solo holiday maker for the first time (we'll look after you!) or an experienced solo traveller

Please note - it's impossible to get all the trips done, be massaged to within an inch of your life, do all your relaxing AND do a course in a week. Best you come for two ....

We opened our doors in 2010 and we're in the happy position that around 60% of our guests are returners from previous years. The friendliness of the locals is definitely one of the attractions. The gorgeous views, the fabulous food and the fact that the place is small enough not to get lost but big enough to wander off for a bit are also factors.

Nikiana has crystal clear waters, great sunbathing, affordable food and a great feel about it. We'd really love you to come and see for yourselves.

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Courses run every week - they are not mandatory, they're an optional extra. They are designed with you at their heart. We aren’t interested in running a boot camp, so courses never start before 10.30am. Our primary focus is to give you some space - physically, mentally and spiritually.

We know that booking your holiday is a big decision and probably one of the most expensive purchases you'll make this year, so we're doing our best to make our Nikiana holidays as simple (and affordable) as possible. We'll provide the framework, you can add the bits that appeal to you.

Don’t want to take part in the organised programme? Just need to chill? That’s ok. The choice will always be yours: solitude, the company of like-minded people, a week’s course or activities, going on trips or all of the above.

Those of us who run the courses are passionate about what we do. We aim to facilitate and to encourage you to gently look within... Serenity is, after all, an inside job :)

The courses cost between £120 and £150

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We're not tied to an agency and so we don't have to sell trips we don't love.  All our trips are hand-picked by us for you.

  • The MS Christina Boat Trip - a perfect blend of lying down and sunbathing, swimming, snorkelling, local history and visiting tiny islands.
  • Secret Lefkas - a cultural coach trip taking you to a local vineyard, olive press, church and harbour, explaining Greek traditions and customs.
  • Meganissi Hop - An afternoon over on the island of Meganissi. Your choice whether you wander up to the village of Spartohori or relax by the beach in a beautiful bay.
  • Aris' Herbal Walk - a chance to pick the brains of Aris, local herbalist and very lovely person. Amble with Aris as he points out the plants we can use for healing or cookery.
  • Up to Maria's - dinner up in the mountain at a tiny taverna that you'd never find on your own.  Maria is a real character and a great cook!
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Giota (pronounced Yotta) has been doing bodywork with our guests since 2016.   She offers many types of massage: sports, deep tissue, relaxing, lymphatic drainage and cupping alongside facial massages and reflexology. All the treatments are great value at 50 euros an hour. Giota will also be meeting and greeting you in the village.

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Where Are We?

Lefkada is one of the lesser known Ionian Islands (which are on the Italian side of Greece). It's the fourth largest and situated south of Corfu and north of Kefalonia. Linked by a bridge to the mainland, Lefkada is a magical combination of award winning beaches, spectacular mountain forests and verdant, fertile plains. Nikiana is on the east coast of the island, nestled at the foot of Mount Skaros.

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Food and Eating Out

There are plenty of places to eat in Nikiana: fish restaurants, pizzerias, fast food, home style tavernas. You could go somewhere different every night if you wanted to in June and September. May is a little more limited in terms of choice but at least three places will be open alongside the bakery and the supermarkets.

Vegetarian, vegan, wheat, dairy or sugar free eating - you can find dishes in restaurants that cater for all types of eating - some more easily than others although you may end up eating a lot of the same thing (especially if you have an intolerance to onions and garlic...)

Tavernas offer plenty of fresh fish and grilled meats as well as a range of vegetarian, vegan, dairy free and gluten free options. Main meals between 7 and 16 euros.

The food is predominantly Greek with an Italian influence (the Italians and the Greeks come in amazing numbers in the peak season). You won't get much in the way of ham, egg and chips. Just so you know.

We find that the biggest concern for most travelling solo is eating alone in the evening. We have three organised evening meet ups, one of which is on the first evening at 7pm (and none of which are compulsory!). Most of our guests end up eating together or in small groups most evenings, although it's certainly not obligatory. We lay the ground rules early on so that if you do choose to be by yourself then that's completely respected. We never split the bill when we eat together either. We only pay for what we have individually ordered - in this way we're being considerate of each other's budgets.

There is a 7pm meet up at Apico for those at a loose end and looking to have some company for dinner.

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